Get an account balance

Account balances and withdrawing a credit balance.

If you have an automatic payment set up to pay for services at Totara Health, you can request an account balance by phoning your clinic.

Hastings Clinic:  Phone 873 010.

Flaxmere Clinic: Phone  873 9024 or call free from a cell phone 0800 222 757.

You can come into Totara Health to withdraw a credit balance provided that you have sufficient money in your account. 

When withdrawing a credit balance you will be asked:

  • To provide your name, address and date of birth
  • To provide photo identification e.g. drivers license, passport

The maximum amount of cash to be given out is $50 during the week and $10 at the weekend. Any amount greater than $50 will be paid by cheque and made out to the account holder. This will need to be deposited into a bank