How we care for you and your whānau

Like our community, we are adapting to life with Covid-19 and continually looking for ways to keep our community and our team safe, while providing high quality care. Here is how we will care for you and your whānau.

Our biggest risk in terms of Omicron is that too many of our team get omicron at the same time and our capacity to deliver health services to you and your whanau is severely impaired.  We have established our current processes in order to protect you and our team from this occurring.

We will provide care to all our enrolled patients whether you are vaccinated or not.

Please always call ahead so we can provide you with the most safe and appropriate service. We have a free call number here 0800 222 757 for you to use.

All patients with cold or flu type symptoms will be seen in our separate respiratory clinics. This applies even if the cold/flu symptoms are not the main issue you are wanting to discuss. We do this to keep all our patients, doctors and nurses safe.

Whenever it is possible, safe and effective to do so, our doctors will provide consultations and help over the phone. Most of the time you will be offered a call back from a doctor or nurse before you are booked in for a face to face appointment

If a doctor decides after speaking with you, that you need to be seen face to face, they will book you in for a face to face appointment.

Whenever you visit our clinics

  • Anyone coming into our building must wear a mask and we are happy to provide a mask. Mask exemptions are for outside our clinics. We do this to keep all our patients, doctors and nurses safe.
  • You will be asked about cold or flu type symptoms outside our front doors and before you enter our buildings.
  • If you are visiting our clinics for a planned appointment and you have any cold or flu symptoms, you will either:
    • be asked to cancel your appointment and re-book when you are well
    • be seen in our cold/flu clinic or,
    • you will be offered a phone consult with a doctor.